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With custom, targeted, WARM traffic you can reach 24/7

Automated chatbots - that engage your warm audiences - are forecast
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These little ‘robots’ will interact with online buyers, answer their questions, and close sales FOR YOU.

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Everyday, billions of people surf social networks for news, entertainment …
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Promote ANYTHING to your messenger list using the software.
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Make eCom Sales EVEN Without A Store

No store? No problem.

With Messenger Shop, you can promote ANY of your eCom products from eBay, Shopify, AliExpress, Bestbuy, Amazon, Wish & more …
DIRECTLY inside messenger.

  • Create secure checkout pages using the software
  • Integrate these pages with your automated messaging sequences for a SEAMLESS shopping experience
  • Convert more sales as customers can buy WITHOUT LEAVING Messenger

3X Your Sales From Existing Stores

Ads to cold traffic can work, but the costs add up. With MESSENGER SHOP, you can turn WARM AUDIENCES into buyers …

With personalized sales messages that get a 100% delivery rate STRAIGHT to the messenger inbox

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  • IDEAL for introducing new products to targeted leads

  • UNLIMITED messages let you split-test WITHOUT the costs, to maximize sales from every campaign


EVERYTHING about Messenger Shop has been developed to skyrocket your conversions, SAVE you money, and automate your marketing … whether you have an existing eStore or not!

  • Product-specific campaigns OFTEN outperform broad-scale promos … Amazon has been exploiting this for YEARS

  • Leverage the power of ViralEngagr’s CTA-driven message campaigns that link directly to checkout pages … and watch your sales soar!

  • Test new product conversions for FREE with Messenger Shop campaigns … before scaling up with paid ads

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There’s a reason we spent so much time & money developing Viral Engagr Elite’s ability to get you Messenger leads …

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Game Changing Results In 3 Easy Steps


Use ViralEnagr to generate Messenger leads from FB & Twitter
PRO TIP: let the software create ‘interest groups’ at the same time, for maximum conversions


Use the AI Wizard & chatbot to create powerful, CTA-driven sales messages that automate your marketing by syncing each promo with a secure checkout page


Integrate Messenger Shop with your auto-campaigns [we’ll show you how] …
To DIRECT SELL your eCom products INSIDE Messenger …
While converting every click into email leads AND retargeting audiences

Sell More NOW …

Sell EVEN MORE Later …

Messenger Shop is MUCH more than an automated sales engine that can boost your income NOW …

It’s ALSO a powerful tool for building your business long term.

Every click from every campaign gets you a potential sale TODAY …
A new email subscriber …
AND builds you a retargeting list …
For the highest possible conversions today, tomorrow, next month and next YEAR

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TRILLIONS per year being spent in the eCommerce industry.
Messenger Chatbots are set to drive $112 BILLION in sales by 2023 …
Time to put YOURSELF in front of the money.

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ViralEnagr Messenger Shop


  • Import 100 Choice Products Only And Add 15 Custom Products Into Your Account

  • Access Only Default Checkout Pages

  • Only 20 Connected Messenger Pages Supported

  • Can Only Create 20 Messenger Shops

  • Can Only Create 20 Landing pages/Checkout Pages

  • Can Only Create 20 Chatbot Automations

ViralEngagr Messenger Shop - (Personal)
ViralEnagr Messenger Shop


  • Import Unlimited Ecom Products And Add Unlimited Custom Products

  • Access Default Checkout Pages And Custom Checkout pages

  • Unlimited Messenger Pages Supported

  • Can Create Unlimited Messenger Shops

  • Can Create Unlimited Landing Pages/Checkout Pages

  • Can Create Unlimited Chatbot Automations

ViralEngagr Messenger Shop - (Commercial)

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